(Love conquers all)
Anbu Charities cordially welcomes you all. In the language Tamil “Anbu” Means love. So you are now entering a chamber of love and care. Once again “Anbu Charities welcome all the noble hearts to serve and rejoice.

How much land does a man need? Asked Leo Tolstoy, But I am asking how much love does a little heart needs. I say that it is limit less. So, we started sharing love to loveless hearts. We have seen many uncared little children near the railway crossing and we started caring them helping them and now it grows into a big banyan tree that is

“Anbu Charities”.

The people who are suffering from poverty, illiteracy and unemployment are taken care of. People who are sick, uncared are cared here. The children are taught to keep the environmental and personal cleanliness which is most important for healthy and peaceful living.

“La Bella dame sans merci”. A lady without smile and mercy is waste. As such, a heart without love and kindness is worthless.

Anbu charities is a non-governmental organization. It has been started with a view to lift the under privileged down trodden people from their drudging poverty and misery. This trust is serving people who have only one meal for a day and does not have any access for education .This trust is located in a deep slum near a railway crossing, where there is no meaning for (cleanliness)health and hygiene.

Registered in India : REGD.NO: 563 / Bk4 / 2004


Trust Secretary :

The secretary Mr. Franklin Manivannan, is an ardent young man much given to social services. He has a thorough knowledge of ailing poor society of our country and has a determination and devotion to lift it to happiness and self sufficiency.

The Poor under privileged children who have no access for good education or a peaceful living and for health and hygiene have been brought under the care of our Anbu Charities. Their mysterious and poor condition have been sympathetically analyzed and measures have been sorted out to relieve from such misery. The children who were under child labour are also brought under the care of the trust and offered all help and education.

The children are given proper health care. Great care has been given to build up their character,good habits and fine behaviors. Also sports activities and social activities are given, so that they would build up into a strong, good and a responsible citizens.Cultural activities such as drama, stage performance and dance classes are also provided. They have got excellent opportunities to bring out their hidden talents. During holidays and vacation, vocational education such as, drawing, embroidery, hand writing development, spoken English and painting are given by qualified teachers.


How to Donate:
You can send your cheque, D.D, M.O in favour of “Anbu Charities”
Donations given to the trust are tax exempted U/S 80 G.

Anbu Charities
71 – A, Suppathal street, Rathinapuri, Coimbatore-641027,South India.

Call Us at:
Secretary : +91 9363225008
Office :+91 422 2330190

Fax No: 914222330490

Donations made to this Trust is exempted under 80G of Income Tax Act 1961 .Registered under Foriegn Contribution Regulation Act -Ministry of Home Affairs


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