Eye camps are conducted at regular intervals in association with Aravind Eye Hospitial, Coimbatore.


About 30 dropped out children were admitted into the “Sarva Sikhsha Abignan” (SSA) scheme. They are given all educational facilities and 1 time meal. This work is carried on by a crew of qualified staff.


Tailoring class was inaugurated by Lion. Dr. Azhagujayabalan. Two sessions in a day are run by a qualified sewing teacher. Sofar 360 candidates have beeb benefited by this vocational course.

The Trust has a great drive to increase its services in all the length and breadth.

Our children are drop outs from school due to various reasons or relieved off from child labour and semi orphans and abandoned children due to many of the prevailing social evils.,have been brought under the care of “Anbu Charities”. They are safeguarded, educated and ensured hope and security in life. Under-nourished, unhealthy sickly children has been given care and treatment within the limits of and possibilities of the trust.


1. A day care center for the children of the near by villagers where both the parents go for job.

2. To start an old age home and an orphanage for 100 children.

3. A hospital to care the need of orphans, destitutes women and sick children.

4. To construct a community hall.

Donations made to this Trust is exempted under 80G of Income Tax Act 1961 .Registered under Foriegn Contribution Regulation Act -Ministry of Home Affairs

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